Leica Geosystems ADS80 Becomes New Core Sensor for Main Aerial

New sensor will help diversify aerial services, provide new business opportunities with local and state governments and strengthen its partnering position in the National Aerial Imagery Program (NAIP).

(Norcross, Ga., 06 April. 2010) Phoenix-based Main Aerial has expanded its digital airborne capacity and flexibility with the purchase of the Leica Geosystems ADS80 digital airborne sensor.

Already an avid digital airborne user, the new Leica ADS80 technology complements Main Aerials existing aerial imaging capabilities and provides the platform to actively pursue increasing opportunities for ADS-based airborne acquisition programs. In particular, Main Aerial is now well positioned to meet the rising requests from local and state governments for ADS technology.

The data acquisition speed of the sensor and the post-processing speed of the image processing software are significant benefits of the Leica ADS80, said James Main, the companys CEO. However, of even more importance is the ADS80 employs a telecentric lens design, which maintains position and width of all filter edges over the whole field of view. What this means is that light from the different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are intersecting the focal plate at right angles, eliminating any bending of the light as seen in other camera systems. This provides better image integrity, enhancing the data value for remote sensing and offering an overall better appearance.

At the federal level, supplementing its existing DMC technology with the Leica ADS80 will enable Main Aerial to raise its profile as a strong partner to prime contractors providing aerial imagery to the USDAs National Aerial Imagery Program (NAIP), the largest aerial photography campaign in US history. With approximately 60 percent of NAIP data acquisitions being flown with ADS technology, Main Aerial is in the pilots seat to gain more flight campaigns from the ADS NAIP providers, said Main.

Main Aerials purchase of the Leica ADS80 was a great complement to Leica Geosystems and further validation to our commitment to continually improve our technology to better serve our customers growing businesses, said Shawn Slade, Airborne Imaging and LiDAR Sales for Western U.S. & Western Canada with Leica Geosystems. With the ADS80, Main not only has an imaging platform that will enable them to efficiently and quickly capture large-area acquisition projects such as NAIP, it will also be able to capitalize on the imagerys unrivalled base-to-height ratio – a critical element for accurate stereo compilation – which will allow them to produce highly accurate map products with ease.

Main Aerial
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