Laser Design Installs Portable FaroArm Laser Scanning System at Carley Foundry in Minneapolis

(Minneapolis, MN; March 17, 2010) – Laser Design Inc., the leading supplier of 3D laser scanners for over 20 years, announced that Carley Foundry recently installed a Laser Design scanning system using the FaroArm in its Blaine, Minnesota facility. Carley Foundry, in business since 1955, specializes in high-accuracy aluminum castings for the aerospace and automotive industries. The Laser Design system will be used for verifying aluminum mold tooling prior to production runs.

Carley Foundry will be able to increase productivity and quality with the Laser Design high-precision laser scanning system. "Carley Foundry is the kind of well-respected small business that has built their reputation on casting short-run, complex-shaped, high-accuracy parts," commented C. Martin Schuster, President and CEO of Laser Design. "Our portable FaroArm system will add to their array of quality assurance equipment, adding both speed and precision. The system can be moved around to all of the production areas to provide timely verification and inspection to the parts being cast at any time. The system’s versatility also allows them to reverse engineer legacy parts for which no CAD models exist."

The portable FaroArm arm is teamed up with the award-winning Laser Design SLP-500 laser-line scanning probe which is ideal for the complex profile contour scanning typical of cast part geometries. The high-speed, high-accuracy, non-contact 3D laser probe captures up to 144,000 points per second. The SLP probe line features digital (ASCII) coordinate output, a visible beam, a Class II rating for safe and easy-to-see operations and a long standoff to prevent crashes during part scanning. Its large measurement range, enhanced specularity performance (which is very important when scanning metallic surfaces), and automatic adjustments for surface color and finish ensure excellent results time after time. Dual CMOS receptors featuring simultaneous scanning assist with steep sidewall and recessed geometry capture.

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