Topcons GLS-1500 Laser Scanner Speeds Point Cloud Collection

30,000 points per second

Livermore, Calif. March 1, 2010 Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) announced a new laser scanner, the GLS-1500, that speeds up point cloud collection 30,000 points per second in an all-in-one design to reduce the amount of equipment needed in the field.

Topcons Precise Scan technology data collection at 30,000 points per second and a 150 meter range sets the bar for the industry, Fred Moser, Topcon laser scanner sales manager, said. The GLS-1500 is 10 times faster than the previous model.

The GLS-1500 is designed to provide quick and hassle-free setups to save time and improve productivity, Moser said. Portability, accuracy and dependability are key customer needs. The GLS-1500 meets those needs in an all on-board, one-person instrument, that saves time and labor costs.

It has a built-in 2.0 megapixel digital camera so when connected to a PC and using Topcons ScanMaster software, a live video feed of the job site can be streamed to aid in scan setup and data acquisition. Also, the GLS-1500 has an onboard data collector with keypad and LCD display which allows it to be used as a stand-alone laser scanner.

Data collected from the GLS-1500 can be stored onboard on an SD memory card or logged into a PC. Moser said, With the GLS-1500s built-in wireless LAN connection, you can control the scanner on a PC from the comfort of your vehicle.

Topcons Precise Scan Technology is an innovation that allows consistent, high accuracy measurements over a wide range of distances. Utilizing lens arrays, and SAW filtering, the GLS-1500 provides unparalleled stable and precise accuracy measurements from 1 150 meters.

The GLS-1500 features include:

30,000 precise points per second. 10 times faster data collection than previous models;
Precise Scan Technology for industry-leading clean point cloud data;
Lens array optics technology to maintain distance accuracy from 1-150 meters;
Additional ranging past 330 meters;
Onboard scan control software stores scan data and images to a standard SD card for easy download;
Eye-safe and invisible Class 1 laser.

With the Class 1 laser classification, users can scan near airports, busy traffic areas, and populated areas with no effect to the people or the environment. Moser said. The use of a Class 1 invisible laser offers the benefit of low power consumption. With lower power consumption, the GLS-1500 can operate for longer times with fewer battery changes and that saves time on the job.

Moser said, The GLS-1500 has what the operator needs onboard in the field in one instrument. It is yet another example of Topcons field-to-finish solutions for surveyors and civil engineers.

About Topcon Positioning Systems
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