MicroSurvey Releases PointCloud CAD 2010

Work with point cloud and LiDAR data sets with ease.

January 27, 2010 – PointCloud CAD 2010 is released and ready for download!

PointCloud CAD 2010 is a high performance CAD, Surveying, and Point Cloud system:
Powerful point cloud engine makes working with hundreds of millions of points a breeze
Quickly create linework, surface models, and contours directly from the point cloud
Create point cloud animations with a few clicks
Display and animate CAD objects in the PointCloud
Slice through objects and draw on reference planes
Convert LAS and PTS files into high performance indexed files
Plus all the features of MicroSurvey CAD Premium!

Built on the successful MicroSurvey CAD 2010 Premium platform, PointCloud CAD includes the same rendering engine that is used in products like 3DStudio, Solidworks, Pro Engineer, and Microstation. It lets you look at and work with your data in ways you never thought possible. Our rendering capabilities give you the tools you need to analyze, edit, and build compelling surfaces, drawings, and animations with ease.

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