INOVx Announces Release of RealityLINx 5.3

Monday, November 30, 2009 Irvine, California – INOVx, the pioneer of solutions that leverage 3D virtual models to transform daily operations and maintenance practices, announced today the release of version 5.3 of its RealityLINx Asset Virtualization platform. This newest release of RealityLINx enhances functionality in many aspects of the product including new features for 3D modeling of structural steel elements from laser scan point cloud data, improved connectivity to external data sources, expanded options for publishing views, enhancements to the built-in macro language, and integration and synchronization with additional CAD systems. The new release also adds support for Windows Vista operating systems. The RealityLINx 5.3 release underscores INOVxs long-term commitment to improving and enhancing work processes through Asset Virtualization.

INOVx Asset Virtualization solutions provide simple access and navigation of enterprise asset data via a highly accurate and precise virtual model of a facility. Through RealityLINx software, users in maintenance, safety, inspection, operations and engineering have realized considerable productivity gains as well as significant benefits resulting from better planning and more informed decision making.

With this new release, INOVx continues to strengthen the RealityLINx offering which provides an end-to-end environment for the creation and management of solutions to visually locate, identify and manage plant assets, said Ralph Rio, Research Director at the ARC Advisory Group. The realistic as-built 3D models enable a variety of powerful applications for operations and maintenance personnel who can navigate and access information in a way that matches their real-world environment.

RealityLINx delivers a solution that supports every aspect of Asset Virtualization from the creation of precise as-built virtual models using laser scan images to management of change features for keeping the model accurate and up-to-date. The RealityLINx offering is unique with its dynamic integration to enterprise software systems, and its built-in role-based workspaces.

Some of the key features of RealityLINx include:
Best-in-class, highly-assisted, modeling from laser scan images for the rapid creation of process equipment, piping, and structural elements.
Laser scan image management with support for large files and the easy incorporation of new data through synchronization.
Support for a standalone or multi-user, client/server system enabling improved collaboration.
Highly extensible, user customizable catalog of objects for representing process elements.
Role-based workspaces with support for multiple hierarchies saved searches and customized presentation.
Connectivity to legacy applications and data sources including SAP PM, OSI PI, Meridium and others.

The five basic RealityLINx configurations are:
RealityLINx View – delivering simple viewing capability as well as advanced features such as asset query and Knowledge Views.
RealityLINx Enterprise – containing the capabilities needed for day-to-day use by operations and maintenance personnel.
RealityLINx Manage – for maintaining the asset model and as-built information, as well as synchronization with popular CAD formats such as PDS, MicroStation, AutoCAD, AutoPLANT and the ISO 15926 standard.
RealityLINx Model – providing best-in-class functionality needed to create intelligent 3D asset models.
RealityLINx Exchange – enabling laser scan images to be rendered in CAD systems.

About INOVx
INOVx, founded in 1999, provides a platform and solutions for Asset Virtualization to companies in the process industries worldwide. INOVxs RealityLINx product enables the creation, management and access to high fidelity three dimensional views of plant assets. These views are used in daily work practices to better communicate and navigate all asset information. These solutions support many plant functions such as reliability, safety, operations, maintenance, inspection, and engineering. INOVx is a pioneer and thought leader in the application of laser scanning technology for the creation of accurate and precise three dimensional models of existing facilities. This asset documentation service offers a reliable and proven way of creating and maintaining the three dimension asset models. INOVx is headquartered in Irvine, California. For more information please visit