Zoller+Frhlich Announces LFM NetView for Laser Scan Data

Web-based application allows users to access, review and mark-up laser scan data remotely

LFM NetView is an easy to use web-based application which allows users to access, review and mark-up laser scan data remotely via the unique BubbleView interface.

BubbleView provides a three dimensional, 360 degree photographic perspective of the laser scan data. It provides full colour support and is of such a high resolution that the finest of details are visible.

LFM NetView Features & Benefits
Simplicity and functionality are combined. An extensive range of measurements and annotations are possible with LFM NetView.

Ease of navigation is ensured. Users can navigate between BubbleViews via the Key (floor) plan.

Resolution and accuracy are guaranteed. LFM NetView works by connection to the underlying point cloud database in LFM Server.

Hosting Service
The launch of a new hosting service provides an external, secure, ultra-high availability, high performance server where you can outsource the hosting of your valued laser scan data. Please contact us with your requirements.

Every customer can benefit from LFM NetView:

The Forensic Customer…
Disparate teams within Forensics, such as investigators, prosecutors, medical examiners and security can access laser scan data of a crime or accident scene without being technically minded in a sophisticated software offering.

The Architecture, Engineering or Construction Customer…
Clients can access laser scan data remotely and conduct collaborative project reviews online.

The Process, Power & Marine Customer…
In the field of Asset Management, data relating to asset can be shared remotely between Engineers, Owners and Operators.

The Cultural Heritage or Archaeology Customer…
Cultural heritage and Archaeology customers can share their data with their peers from around the globe, data which by its very nature is likely to be of historical importance and pose incredible interest!

Visit http://netview.zf-uk.com/ to immediately access fully functioning demonstration projects.