Trimble Introduces Trimble Access Software for Spatial Imaging

Sunnyvale, Calif., Sept. 3, 2009 – Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) today introduced Trimble Access software for Spatial Imaging, a new addition to Trimbles Connected Site solutions. Trimble Access is a streamlined field and office solution for surveyors and geospatial professionals that expedites spatial imaging data collection, processing, analysis, and project information delivery. Trimbles solution enables these advancements through improved workflows, the ability to create in-field deliverables, and more efficient collaboration and connectivity between project team members.

The new software extends the benefits of Trimble Access to make sophisticated 3D scanning easier, faster and more intuitive for the surveying community. The demand for 3D scanning and imaging deliverables is on the rise, said Chris Gibson, general manager of Trimbles Survey Division. Regardless of whether users are new to Spatial Imaging or seasoned experts, Trimble Access for Spatial Imaging will help finish the job faster.

Trimble Access for Spatial Imaging is designed to complement the intelligent scanning capabilities of the Trimble GX 3D scanner, which features Trimbles SureScan technology. SureScan maintains a user-defined, equal density of points so that surveyors and geospatial professionals can collect and process data faster by focusing on collecting the right points, not just more points. The software runs on the Trimble Tablet rugged PC, which includes a wide screen, Internet connectivity, and the computing power to process large scans and view large scenes. The Trimble Tablet provides surveyors the processing power of a laptop computer in a rugged tablet form designed specifically for field work. This solution is targeted at helping the surveyor complete the overall job faster, from point collection to client deliverable.

Similar to Trimble Access for Integrated Surveying applications, Trimble Access for Spatial Imaging suite of software consists of three components: base software for typical scanning activities, specialized application modules and the Trimble Connected Community.

Streamlined Workflows for General and Specialized 3D Scanning
For typical scanning activities, Trimble Access offers General Scanning tools designed to speed data collection in the field. Simply set up the instrument and parameters for the scan including density, distance and area. Results such as traverse and global adjustment can be calculated in the field. Additionally, results in the field allow surveyors to verify work while on site, saving time and reducing the need for return trips. With verified work, surveyors have the confidence to deliver the finished product directly to the client from the field, without a trip back to the office.

In addition, Trimble Access for Spatial Imaging provides streamlined workflows for specialized applications such as in-field Volume Calculations and Digital Terrain Modeling. These add-on modules guide field crews step-by-step, so users can focus entirely on the deliverables, rather than the software commands for each task along the way.

Trimble Connected Community
The Trimble Connected Community provides the backbone infrastructure, enabling different parties working on a project to share a wide range of information immediately throughout the project life cycle. Head-office management, site-office teams and field crews can securely share information and collaborate on aspects of the project through the Trimble Connected Community portal. The on-line service integrates todays advanced information technologies (IT) to address the customers infrastructure, collaboration, and data management needs. All of this collaboration and connectivity is provided in a secure, hosted environment without extensive IT investments.

By connecting the field crew to the Trimble Connected Community via a Web-portal on the Trimble Tablet, Trimble Access for Spatial Imaging can provide significant improvements to surveying and 3D scanning workflows in the field and office throughout all phases of the project life-cycle from data collection to final deliverables. Trimble Access continues to set a new standard for productivity and connectivity in the survey and geospatial world.

Trimble Access software for Spatial Imaging, including a variety of modules, is expected to be available in September of 2009. For more information visit:

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