Greetings to Our Friends and Colleagues

This letter appeared in the January 2008 JAVAD GNSS ad in The American Surveyor:

Greetings to our friends and colleagues

We have great news! The past two years have been very exciting here at JAVAD GNSS. We have been hard at work refining and improving the technology that has gone into the building of our GNSS receivers over the past 25 years. So enthused are we about these products and developments that we have reserved 8 pages in each of the 2008 issues of this magazine to share with you what we have developed!

As you know, my experience in creating commercial GPS receivers for high precision applications goes back a long way. Twenty five years ago I participated in the first generation of GPS receivers, singlehandedly writing all of the software and firmware for them. Today the industry landscape has changed significantly as many respectable and cutting-edge companies have entered the market.

With all of the healthy competition out there, we believe that YOU, our potential customers deserve to know just HOW our products work and how similar products stack up against ours. In doing so, our goal is to EDUCATE and raise the technical awareness of all GNSS users. The new 8-page section of each upcoming issue will be dedicated to this purpose. If you have a particular technical question, please e-mail it to and we will try to include the answer in this section.

Four pages of each issue will contain detailed product explanations of OEM GNSS and communication boards, complete GNSS receivers, and various software packages. Another section will be dedicated to our newly formed division of MACHINE CONTROL, made possible by our specialists in Switzerland, Finland and Austria.

And there’s room for some fun, too. With nearly three decades of experience in this industry, the many friends and colleagues I have been privileged to work with are far too many to list. So, too, are the many great memories we share. One page in each issue will therefore be dedicated to the stories that took place in the laboratories with engineering "legends", or in the field with brave early customers who were sophisticated and curious enough to dabble with GPS in its infancy. These stories will surely make you smile.

Eight years of market division has delineated this industry. We now look forward to new relationships with existing dealer friends in the survey markets, as well as meeting new and established dealers with global infrastructures. Watch for news about our global dealers, their unique applications, news, and messages within each of the upcoming issues.

Yes, it is truly good to be getting back. As you can see, we have lots to talk about. Let’s get down to business!

Until next issue,