Leica Geosystems Announces Leica Cyclone II TOPO 1.1 for Faster, Easier Mapping from Laser Scans

(Denver/USA, 30 March 2009) Announced at SPAR 2009, Leica Cyclone II TOPO 1.1 significantly increases office productivity for creating accurate topographic maps from laser scan data. In addition to benefiting from the softwares easy-to-learn interface, standard CAD techs can now create maps from laser scan data as fast or faster than making maps from survey data collected conventionally.

Photo caption: All of these true ground points were automatically extracted from laser scan data, including filtering out vegetation, using a single command sequence in Leica Cyclone II TOPO 1.1

Cyclone II TOPO was introduced in January 2008 as standalone software that, for the first time, allowed everyday CAD techs to create topographic maps from laser scans with little or no special training. Specific skills in 3D or laser scanning were no longer needed. Many users have benefited from this easy-to-learn capability. User feedback since the introduction focused on a desire for even more processing speed and automation. Cyclone II TOPO 1.1 delivers on this follow-on request, with more speed and higher productivity via new, added features.

200% Speed Increase
The pure speed of processing of rich, laser scan data sets for High-Definition Surveys (HDS) has been improved by as much as 200% or more in three areas that comprise a major part of virtually every topographic scan project:
Point cloud navigation
Point cloud rendering & display
Saving work files

Expanded SmartPick Automation plus Direct DXF Export for Faster Deliverables
Two new features have also been added for faster deliverable creation. First, Cyclone II TOPOs breakthrough SmartPick capability to automatically find lowest, highest, or ground points has been expanded. With just a single command sequence, users can now apply this tool to an entire specified grid over a large area. This is especially beneficial for automatically extracting accurate terrain points. This approach is also more rigorous than relying on even grid scanning techniques, where single scan points may capture vegetation instead of ground surface points. Cyclone II TOPO 1.1 can now also automatically export line (2D & 3D), point, and text data to industry standard DXF format, thus eliminating extra steps in creating CAD deliverables.

Multiple Languages and Online Demos
Cyclone II TOPO 1.1 can now be used in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Online movies are also available for demonstrating how to use key features at http://scansw.leica-geosystems.com/public/Topo/

Pricing and Availability
Pricing is available from authorized Leica Geosystems representatives. Leica Cyclone II TOPO 1.1 is released and available.

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