Riegl Airborne Scanner Reaches New Altitude

In February of this year Riegl Laser Measurement Systems released its latest and most advanced airborne Lidar scanner the LMS-Q680.

The new Riegl LMS-Q680 combines a powerful laser source with Riegls multiple-time-around processing. This combination allows the user to achieve higher operating flight altitude at faster speeds while maintaining a high point density. This gives access to detailed target parameters. The maximum measurement range of this instrument is 9,843 feet and the operating flight altitude AGL is 5000 feet. This altitude is the highest ever range for a Riegl scanner.This level of effectiveness is important when dealing biomass analysis, target classification and changing topography.

The Q680 is an ideal tool for topography mapping, flood risk mapping, and watershed analysis applications, it is also easily adapted for a variety of other applications (e.g. urban mapping). It is readily integrated into complete airborne scanning systems and, as with all Riegl scanners, it is extremely rugged

Processing Techniques
The Q680 uses advanced signal processing techniques ,such as multiple-time-around processing, which allows utilization of target echo signals which have been detected out of the unambiguity range between two successive laser pulses. This increases point density and provides superior accuracy, which results in better data.

About Riegl
Riegl’s laser business is based upon the company’s 31 year heritage in research, development and manufacturing of time-of-flight based optical radar systems. Our products are used for terrestrial and airborne survey, geo-spatial monitoring, industrial process control, as-built 3D documentation, altimetry and aerospace applications. Today Riegl is recognized as the performance leader in the markets we serve. Riegl Systems are well known for their ruggedness and reliability under demanding environmental conditions.

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