kubit Announces New Release of PointCloud Software

kubit recently released version 4.0.3 of their PointCloud modelling package for AutoCAD. The new versions of PointCloud and PointCloud Pro will support the 32bit and 64bit versions of AutoCAD.

With the support of the 64bit version of AutoCAD, PointCloud is able to handle larger point clouds than ever before. Unlike other cloud to CAD programs, kubits PointCloud provides a unique advantage because in addition to displaying points, it also makes the points a real part of the AutoCAD drawing itself. This added feature allows users to evaluate point clouds with all original AutoCAD commands. Point cloud data can be easily manipulated within AutoCAD because the cloud itself acts as native AutoCAD objects.

With PointCloud, the points are useable in any of AutoCADs multiple drawing projections and visual styles. Point clouds can also be printed together with the actual drawings. In addition to the basic features, kubits PointCloud provides AutoCAD with an assortment of advanced modelling features for point cloud data. Fitting features for lines, planes and cylinders are included and users are able to calculate clashes between point cloud data and AutoCAD objects. The software also handles calibrated images provided from various scanners so that images and point clouds can be evaluated together.

Users of existing versions of PointCloud 4 can download the latest release as a free update from the support section of www.kubit.de or www.kubitusa.com.