Leica Geosystems Introduces Leica RCD105 Medium Format Digital Camera for Lidar

(Norcross, 11 July 2008) Leica Geosystems announces the introduction of a new medium format digital aerial camera system designed specifically for use with its ALS-series airborne LIDAR systems. The new 39-megapixel camera system Leica RCD105 is designed for plug and play connection to Leica Geosystems airborne LIDAR systems.

Worldwide, one in two airborne LIDAR owners supplies digital aerial photography as part of normal LIDAR survey operations. Until now, users had to rely on third-party camera solutions based on commercial pro photo camera products. These previous camera systems can suffer from issues such as reliability and calibration instability. The Leica RCD105 is designed from the ground up as an airborne digital camera solution. It is completely integrated with the Leica ALS-series LIDAR products from mission planning to system operation to image processing. says George Southard, Leica Geosystems Vice President Americas Digital Imaging

Record data from two camera heads
Benefits of this airborne-specific design include full compliance with all applicable airborne environmental specifications, including temperature, shock, vibration and EMI/RFI. Additionally, a single camera controller is capable of recording data from two camera heads, allowing simultaneous acquisition of natural color and false-color infrared images. No matter which color preference is selected, the Leica RCD105 is available with a variety of lenses. With the systems fast frame rate, the camera can be set up with optimal performance parameters for any given job.

Full Leica Geosystems support
Another unique feature of this camera system is the user-replaceable shutter assembly, reducing the need for off-site service. This new product is fully supported by Leica Geosystems worldwide support network.

The Leica RCD105 is an ideal solution for LIDAR users needing a robust airborne camera system, at prices competitive with pro-photo-based sensors, says George Southard, Leica Geosystems Vice President Americas Digital Imaging.

For sales information please contact:
George Southard
Office: + 1 303-799-9453 ext. 1940
Cell: + 1 303-947-0713
Email: george.southard@leicaus.com

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