Riegl 3D Imaging Sensor LMS-Z620: 2000 Meters at 8000 points per second with 10 mm accuracy

Orlando, Florida – The new terrestrial laser scanner system Riegl LMS-Z620 is the worlds first and only 8000 kHz terrestrial stationary 2000 meters scanner. The LMS-Z630 comes from the continuous line of high performance long-range 3D laser scanners from Riegl Laser Measurement Systems. The LMS-Z620 is capable of scanning from 2000 meters at 8000 per second with 10 mm accuracy combined with a definitely orientated high-resolution digital camera. The associated operating and processing software is Riegls own RiScan PRO. The system provides data which lend itself to automatic or semi-automatic processing of scan data and image data to generate products such as textured triangulated surfaces and high resolution panorama images. These products are the basis for geotechnical analysis and mining assessment for geologists and geophysicists.

RiScan PRO is the companion software for RIEGL Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanner Systems. RiScan PRO is project orientated, i. e., the entire data acquired during a measurement campaign are organized and stored in RiScan PRO’s project structure. These data include scans, finescans, digital images, GPS data, and coordinates of control points and tie points, and all transformation matrices necessary to transform the data of multiple scans into a common well-defined coordinate system.

RiScan PRO is designed to optimize the acquisition workflow in the field and provides the tools for visual inspection of overall completeness of data coverage in 3D right after acquisition. In addition to data acquisition it provides a variety of functions for data processing.

For straightforward and efficient registration of large data sets, RIEGL Terrestrial Laser Scanners can be optionally equipped with integrated inclination sensors for vertical scanner setup position. RiScan PRO makes complete use of the additional sensor data within its back sight scan functions combined with GPS.
Angular correction applicable for vertical scanner setup position
Angular tilt range 10 deg
Accuracy typ. 0.008 deg 2)

The RIEGL LMS-Z620 is a rugged and fully portable sensor especially designed for the rapid acquisition of high-quality three dimensional images even under high demanding environmental conditions, providing a unique and unrivalled combination of wide field-of-view, high maximum range, and fast data acquisition.

A standard Windows notebook and the bundled software package RiScan PRO enable the user to instantly acquire high-quality 3D data in the field and provide a variety of registration, post processing and export functions.

Mobile Scanning
The LMS-Z620 is also upgradeable to mobile scanning. By utilizing the mobile platform for topography needs there will be reduced field time for data acquisition along with complete capture of existing condition including: scan data, calibrated photo imagery, and survey control.

Laser Safety for the Public
The Riegl Laser Scanner meets OSHA regulations for Workplace Safety and ANSI Class 1 eye safe requirements. Riegls invisible beam will not distract motorists, workers, or pedestrians.

About Riegl
Riegl is the global leader in the innovation of Lidar technology for land, marine, and airborne survey. Its 3D scanners provide high accuracy and efficient scanning with Sensor Integration. Riegl’s 3D terrestrial laser scanning products are founded on the company’s 30-year heritage in research, development and manufacture of time-of-flight-based optical radar system. Today Riegl is recognized as the performance leader in the mining, industrial process control, civil infrastructure, mobile mapping and other large scale asset markets. The instruments are well known for their ruggedness and reliability under demanding environmental conditions. The training center for Riegl USA is located in Orlando, Florida adjacent to the North American Office.