Topcon Image Master modeler software captures reality in the field

Livermore, CA — The new Topcon Image Master Modeler Software from Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) allows users to generate 3D models quickly from digital images.

Models can be used for measuring, mapping, ortho images, and interpretation in a wide variety of applications.

Combining an easy-to-use interface and advanced mathematical processing, Image Master software allows creation of extremely accurate 3D models with a minimum of preparation or special knowledge or training.

Using digital camera images, the Image Master software produces photogrammetry models with accuracies up to 0.4 mm. The software produces three-dimensional coordinate points and surfaces by measurements made in two or more digital photographic images taken from different positions.

Topcons Image Master can be used for a wide variety of applications, including:
Close-range photogrammetric applications
Aerial Photogrammetry
Disaster monitor/mapping
As-built civil and industrial applications
Accident investigation
3D modeling and visualization
Civil engineering and Survey deliverables

Scott Langbein, TPS product marketing manager, said, Topcon Image Master Modeler Software not only provides unique data capturing and 3D modeling functionality, it offers advanced features for interpolating and handling the models and model data. He also points out that, Combining this powerful software with total stations and GPS receivers provides a system solution for 3D modeling.

The advanced features of the software include:
Calculation and display of model cross sections;
Calculation and display of contour lines;
Area and volume calculations;
Distance measurements, point to point, or point to line;
TIN model generation;
3D model rendering;
Ortho image support; and
A variety of export forms, including DXF, ASCII, VRML.

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