New Topcon IS robotic total station combines imaging and scanning

Instrument provides precise, reflectorless measurement more than a mile

Livermore, CA — Topcon Positioning Systems lineup of robotic total stations now includes added productivity and versatility of integrated digital imaging, with the introduction of the new IS model – an enhancement of the world’s first imaging system technology that Topcon introduced in 2005 with its GPT-7000i total station.

Peter Wallace, director of survey sales, said the new Topcon IS imaging instrument "simply sets a new standard for robotic total stations. Topcon was the first manufacturer to combine digital imaging with reflectorless total stations several years ago. The IS model’s advanced 3D modeling capabilities allow for 3D model creations with image integration and volume measurements."

Its not a matter of just capturing reality, Wallace said. Its a matter of grabbing reality, streaming it, using it to your advantage to reach solutions faster so you can work faster and more accurate in order to grow your business.

The Topcon IS has three distinct features unique to the marketplace:
I-Scan: The units IntelligentScan feature automatically recognizes distinctive features within the image field of view. Its 20 pps scan rate is ideal for most applications; its ability to scan points up to 2000m leads the industry. This is in addition to the already available Grid Scan feature.
I-Drive: ImageDrive is a feature that allows an operator to visually operate from the image display. If the IS is tracking the prism and the operator comes to a needed point overhead, the I-Drive is activated on the controller to display exactly what is visible on the I-Drive display. A simple touch of the image is all that is required to aim at the needed point. Disengage the I-Drive to lock back to the prism.
I-Control: First with WLAN control, Topcon is now first with Independent Control. Connecting to the IS via its IP address and an operator can take complete control from a personal computer at a remote location or its WiFi-equipped FC-2200 field controller. This unique function allows for short- or long-term monitoring and operation from hazardous job site locations . . . or for simply working from the comfort of a vehicle or job site trailer in harsh weather conditions.

"This new Topcon IS (imaging station) will dramatically improve field productivity," said Wallace. "Its integrated, dual digital camera imaging technology captures reality with wide angle 4x and telephoto 30x optical zoom capabilities. When used in conjunction with the built-in scanning feature, it provides a dynamic system that provides the automation of a much-higher priced laser scanner."

The Topcon IS is "ideal for topographic survey, mining, construction, as-built survey or many other applications," Wallace said. Using a Windows operating system "it is easy to get started. As-built design and structural/environmental monitoring is remotely at an operator’s fingertips, and by adding optional digital imaging software you can combine multiple job site photos and create 3D models and point clouds."

The Topcon IS robotic total station provides unique precise reflectorless measurement up to 2,000 meters (more than 6,500 feet or 1.2 miles, the longest in the industry) and can easily take measurements on difficult targets like power lines.

IS features also include:
Bluetooth technology and WiFi connectivity
ImageMaster software providing precise image and scan control
Intelligent scan feature recognition
X-TRAC Quick-Lock tracking technology
Integrated interference-free 2.4 GHz radio

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