Optech ILRIS-3D now compatible with Maptek I-Site Studio

Toronto, Canada Optech Incorporated, a manufacturer of advanced lidar survey instruments, announced today that Maptek has enabled direct file import functionality of ILRIS-3D open format IXF point cloud data into their I-Site Studio product.

ILRIS-3D is a fully portable, laser-based ranging and imaging system for the commercial survey, engineering, mining and industrial markets. A compact and highly integrated instrument with digital image capture and sophisticated software tools, ILRIS-3D is a 21st-century solution that addresses the needs of commercial users.

Maptek I-Site Studio offers an impressive range of software tools developed specifically for laser scan data processing. Large point datasets can be efficiently interrogated, modeled and manipulated on a desktop PC or field laptop.

With the growing number of point cloud visualization and processing tools now available, it is imperative to collaborate with industry leaders such as I-Site Studio when using the scanner with the largest dynamic range on the market. We created the IXF file format as an open format to support this kind of development, says Dave Adams, Product Manager, Industrial and 3D Imaging Division.

Maptek’s I-Site Studio software is the newest option for Optech customers aiming to meet or exceed their point cloud data processing objectives. The direct import of Optechs ILRIS IXF data into I-Site Studio allows Optech system users to realize the benefits of the most effective solution for point cloud data processing, says Steven Wong, I-Sites Director of International Business Development.

About Optech
Optech is the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments. We offer client-driven lidar solutions in airborne terrestrial mapping, airborne laser bathymetry, laser imaging, mine cavity monitoring, industrial process control and space-qualified sensors for orbital operations and planetary exploration.

About Maptek
Maptek I-Site is dedicated to the development and supply of 3D laser imaging products worldwide. I-Site provides a total solution for the laser imaging market by developing new software technology, integrating new hardware development and providing support and professional services globally.