VRMesh v4.1 released for use in land surveying and reverse modeling

Seattle WA, February 11th, 2008, VirtualGrid Company announces the availability of VRMesh v4.1, a free-form 3d mesh modeler for point cloud and triangle mesh processing. This release adds some new features to increase the performance of VRMesh for use in civil engineering, and enhances some key features to streamline the process of complete reverse modeling, rapid prototyping, and conceptual design from sketch.

First, for civil engineering workflow, the new features in v4.1 include directly importing scan data from different scanner brands, e.g., Riegl, Leica, and Trimble, fully supporting vertex color during the point cloud/mesh processing, accurately decimating/smoothing points in selectable areas to make data files as compact as possible, and generating cross-section curves directly on point clouds.

Therefore, VRMesh has the abilities to quickly clean up large-sized point clouds, remove extraneous points, align several scans together, and reduce large point clouds into manageable size for use in downstream applications, such as Autodesk Civil 3D. And also, it can automatically convert very large point clouds to accurate 3D polygonal meshes with preserving color information for visualization in NavisWorks JetStream.

Second, some key features are enhanced, e.g., point cloud smoothing and decimation are speeded up; the point cloud to mesh command is improved to reduce flipped regions in the high noise level; the sketch and solid cut command is changed to keep both parts; and the cross-section curve commands are improved to generate multiple curves while many parts are intersected with the same plane.

Meanwhile, the interface is improved to allow precise manipulations of the virtual camera, e.g., the custom view control command is changed to allow users to set the particular position of the camera.

VRMesh family consists of three packages targeted to different customers:
VRMesh Studio: A comprehensive point cloud processing, and mesh modeling environment for industry users requiring reverse engineering tools and design communication in one package.
VRMesh Reverse: A complete reverse engineering workflow for users to wrap point cloud data into an accurate meshed model.
VRMesh Design: An ideal solution for STL repair, and conceptual design.

In short, VRMesh provides powerful, convenient features for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and conceptual design that are found only in products costing 10 to 40 times more. To see the many diverse applications with this affordable 3D tool, and to download a free evaluation version, please visit: www.vrmesh.com.

VRMesh 4.1 is available immediately for Window platforms for suggested commercial prices: Studio US$895, Reverse: US$695, and Design: US$495, and for suggested educational prices: Studio US$395, Reverse: US$295, and Design: US$195,

About VirtualGrid
VirtualGrid (http://www.vrmesh.com) is a privately held company located in Seattle City, WA. We are a small professional team focused on mesh creating and processing technologies.