ITT Airborne Natural Gas Emission Lidar (ANGEL) Service Generates One Billionth Laser Pulse

Milestone highlights reliability and assurance of natural gas emissions detection technology

White Plains, N.Y., May 30, 2007 ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT) today announced that the companys Space Systems Division has conducted the one billionth (10^9) laser pulse in support of the Airborne Natural Gas Emission LIDAR (ANGEL) Service.

ITTs ANGEL Service uses advanced laser technology aboard a high-speed, fixed-wing aircraft to detect and quantify natural gas pipeline leaks and facility emissions with guaranteed accuracy and results. The service allows customers to operate with greater confidence – and accomplishes this 100 times faster and with 30 times more right-of-way survey coverage than traditional, ground-based inspection methods.

The generation of the one billionth ANGEL Service laser pulse, culminating in more than 2.6 trillion cubic feet of atmospheric gas sampling, demonstrates an unprecedented level of system durability and operational experience, said Daniel Brake, director of the ANGEL Service at ITT Space Systems Division. Companies across the pipeline and natural gas industry now have an innovative and proven alternative for leak detection applications.

The ANGEL Service enables its clients to confidently verify pipeline, facility, and corridor conditions; improve operational efficiencies; lower operating costs; and help ensure public and environmental safety. Deliverables of the service include: comprehensive leak survey reports and GIS datasets, orthomosaic mapping imagery, and GPS-encoded digital video.

An onboard Differential Absorption LIDAR (DIAL) sensor generates 3,000 laser pulses per second. A 1,000-mile pipeline would be surveyed by approximately 100 million pulses. ITT expects to generate its ten billionth DIAL leak survey pulse before the end of 2007.

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