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Drawing from forty years of experience in all aspects of land surveyingfrom field to management, and technical support to journalismEditor Marc Cheves understands the profession from the ground up. From the prairies and gas lines of the Midwest to Pershing missile bases in Germany to the redwood forests of northern California to the urban sprawls of Maryland, hes walked in your boots and sat in your boardrooms. Since the late 1970s, he has worked with surveying technology. Because of this, youll find information here that you simply wont find anyplace else.

Our slogan A foot in the past… An eye to the future sums up where weve been and where were headed as surveyors. Like calibrating a fine instrument, we are committed to hand-crafting each and every issue of The American Surveyor to best fit your needs. Cover to cover and issue to issue well bring you topical news and information, technology expertise, product reviews, tips to help run your business today and take it where it needs to go tomorrow. Well highlight industry trends, debate controversial issues, and focus on challenges that lie ahead. And like the patina of an instrument grown handsome with age, to each issue well rub in some history for good measure and polish it off with humor to make you smile.

Our choice of content is not based on marketing formulas or advertorials, but rather on the knowledge that if something appeals to us, theres a good chance it will appeal to you as well. Were certain that even family members, friends, clients and colleagues will want to pick up your copy and thumb through.

Editor Marc Cheves, LS, and Publisher Allen Cheves at
The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

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