Leica Geosystems Introduces a New Class of Laser Scanner: "Leica ScanStation"

(Heerbrugg, 10th May 2006) Leica Geosystems today announced the introduction of Leica ScanStation, the first 3D laser scanner with four core total station features, offering easier operation, increased field & office productivity, and greater flexibility for as-built and topographical surveys.

Leica ScanStation incorporates these four fundamental total station features ones that surveyors would never consider doing without in a total station – to define a new category of laser scanner:
Full field-of view (FOV)
Survey-grade dual-axis tilt compensation for traversing and re-sectioning
Survey-grade accuracy for each measurement
Excellent useful measuring range

1. Leica ScanStation retains the FOV of its predecessor, the Leica HDS3000 scanner, with a maximum 360 degrees horizontal FOV and maximum 270 degrees vertical FOV. With this FOV, ScanStation can scan overhead while simultaneously using scan targets spread optimally at ground level for accurate registration/control. This type of logistical freedom is similar to that of a total station and provides valuable versatility and project savings for accurately capturing overhead structures such as ceilings, bridges, overpasses, domes, facades, pipe racks, columns and towers.

2. Integrating the same one-second resolution, dual-axis (tilt) compensator as in Leica Geosystems total stations, Leica ScanStation can be used with traditional traverse and resection workflows for additional field and office savings.

3. Unlike scanners that require averaging of many scan points to achieve survey-grade accuracy, Leica ScanStation and its sister Leica HDS3000 scanner achieves survey-grade accuracy for each scan point without averaging. This lets users take advantage of the ability to click on individual scan points and use them directly for survey-grade coordinate and distance measurements with confidence in their accuracy.

4. With a maximum range of 300m (90 percent surface reflectivity), a narrow beam and ultra-fine scanning capability, Leica ScanStation addresses the vast majority of as-built and topographic survey projects for which users would consider the use of reflectorless instruments.

Easy use and increased field and office productivity
We are very excited about the announcement of Leica ScanStation. Many organizations, especially surveying departments, have been waiting for a laser scanner that not only provides the range, accuracy, and full field-of-view of our current HDS3000 scanner, but can also be used with familiar traverse and re-section workflows, states Ken Mooyman, head of Leica Geosystems HDS. This advance will make it easier for surveyors to learn laser scanning and will also provide further improvements in field and office productivity.

Leica Geosystems will continue to offer Leica ScanStations predecessor scanner, the Leica HDS3000 time-of-flight scanner (without dual-axis compensation), and the ultra-high speed Leica HDS4500 phase-based scanner as standard products. Leica Cyclone v5.5 is being announced simultaneously as companion software for operating Leica ScanStation in re-section, back-sight and traverse workflows.

Pricing & Availability
Leica ScanStation is available to be scheduled for customer demonstrations. Pricing information is available via authorized Leica Geosystems representatives.

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