Leica Cyclone 5.5 Supports Leica ScanStations Workflows for High-Definition Surveys

(Heerbrugg, 10th May 2006) Leica Geosystems announced today Leica Cyclone 5.5 software. The new software version lets users take advantage of traverse, back-sight, and resection capabilities of the new Leica ScanStation laser scanner for more cost-effective as-built and topographic surveys. Cyclone 5.5 also lets users create plant as-built models more efficiently from laser scans.

Leica Cyclone, the industrys most popular laser scan software, is Leica Geosystems suite of software modules that enables users to efficiently register, geo-reference, and process rich, as-built point cloud data into project deliverables.

Surveyor-friendly Workflows
New features in Cyclone-SCAN and -REGISTER modules pace the survey-grade, dual-axis level compensation capability of the new Leica ScanSation laser scanner. With these new features, Leica ScanStation users can take advantage of (1) resectioning – or free stationing – methods for direct, field geo-referencing of scan data and (2) traversing, including calculation of traverse closures. Standard survey-style reports, including error calculations, are generated for both resectioning and traversing.

The new Leica Cyclone 5.5-supported workflows offer field and office labor savings. Savings result from placing & surveying up to two-thirds fewer scan targets and from a reduced need to execute office registration processes, as registration & geo-referencing can now be done automatically in the field. The new workflows and software features also shorten a surveyors learning curve for this cutting-edge technology as these workflows are all standard methods used with a total station, an everyday surveying tool.

Leica Cyclone 5.5 also continues to support registration and geo-referencing based on scan targets, modeled objects, and cloud-to-cloud methods. Together with resectioning, back-sighting, and traversing, this set of workflow options provides users with valuable added flexibility and cross-checking aids.

Enhancements for Creating Plant As-built Models
Plant retrofit and as-built projects can benefit from two major enhancements in Leica Cyclone 5.5: faster loading of large scan data sets and a new Pipe Modeling interface for processing scans into piping models.

Point loading performance for large data sets, such as those generated by the Leica HDS4500 phased-based scanner, has been improved by up to 4X. This improvement applies to all Leica Cyclone and to all Leica CloudWorx modules.

Pipe Modeling provides a simple, intuitive interface for professionals to model piping systems from point cloud data. Users can now access a wide range of industry standard, catalog-based piping components (e.g., elbows, tees, valves, reducers, and flanges – welding neck, slip-on, threaded, blind, etc.) from a sharply expanded library. Modeling includes interactive component placement based on convenient options:
Insert at pick point
Place at specified position

Export to piping and CAD software applications can be done as intelligent pipes via PCF export or via surface geometry.

General Enhancements
Many users will also benefit from other general enhancements:
Elevation Check: Automatically validates/checks cloud data against already known survey point elevation data
Enhanced Registration QA/QC: Provides validation reports with horizontal and vertical values separated to match common contract submittal requirements
Scan Targets/Registration: Target Re-checks, target height data, and interim registration reports can all be managed more efficiently

Price & Availability
Leica Cyclone 5.5 software is scheduled to be available simultaneous with the release of Leica ScanStation. Pricing for Cyclone 5.5 has been maintained the same as for Cyclone 5.4. Updates to Leica Cyclone 5.5 are covered by applicable Software Maintenance Agreements for existing customers.

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