North West Group Obtains 3rd Leica ADS40 Airborne Digital Sensor

Additional ADS40 Enhances Delivery of Superior Imagery for NAIP

Atlanta, GA Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping, LLC today announced North West Group has obtained its third Leica ADS40 Airborne Digital Sensor, which will better enable the company to deliver the highest quality digital imagery to its customers.

Due to the tremendous demand from our clients and the rapid acceptance of the Leica ADS40 as the digital solution delivering the best color image fidelity, we purchased a third sensor, said John Welter, Vice President of North West Group. This sensor was immediately deployed onto projects in the South Eastern United States to help fulfill the spring season leaf-off commitments.

The team of North West Group, EarthData, and Horizons have worked together to acquire imagery for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) National Agriculture Inventory Project (NAIP) since 2003. The team has been awarded approximately 41,000 digital orthophoto quarter-quadrangles (DOQQs), to be produced using the Leica ADS40 digital sensor. This award is for the states of California and Montana at 1m resolution and a repeat award of the state of Texas at 2 meter resolution. This follows on the teams 2004 success with the Idaho, Texas (1 meter) and Louisiana (2 meter) NAIP award.

The goal of NAIP is to acquire current and accurate imagery over all agricultural lands of the continental United States annually, which is used to monitor and manage farm programs. NAIP annually acquires current and accurate imagery over all agricultural lands in the continental United States and delivers it to its various USDA Service Centers. The USDA adheres to two strict requirements in the imagery acquisition process: ortho-imagery must be provided quickly to Service Centers for mandated annual compliance review; and 1 meter ortho-imagery becomes the updated image base layer for the USDA’s Geographic Information System (GIS).

The Leica ADS40 provides fast and accurate photogrammetric results that meet the USDA’s requirements for the largest digital ortho programs undertaken to date, stated Bob Morris, President of Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping. The ADS40 uniquely enables customers like North West Group to employ an all digital workflow that delivers higher accuracy, more detailed information and simultaneous acquisition of seven bands of information. We are proud to equip this team with seven of the best sensors available for this and their future NAIP projects.

All imagery collected in the 2004 NAIP program by the North West team can be purchased in a modified format at North Wests Valtus Imagery Services web site ( either as direct download or as a subscription service that allows the data to be seamlessly utilized in any ArcXML or WMS compliant application. The NAIP 2005 imagery will also be available in a similar format from Valtus once completed and accepted by the USDA.

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