Release of New Leica CloudWorx 1.0 for Intergraph SmartPlant Review

First commercial application to put rich laser scanning as-built data directly in Intergraphs 3D plant design review environment

San Ramon, CA, May 16, 2005 – Leica Geosystems announced today the formal release of its eagerly awaited addition to the Leica CloudWorx family of products, Leica CloudWorx 1.0 for Intergraph SmartPlant Review. This state-of-the-art software solution enables viewing, clashing, and managing proposed 3D plant design models for retrofit projects with accurate as-built laser scan data, all within Intergraphs popular 3D design, review and visualization platform.

Valuable New Plant Addition to Leicas High-Definition Surveying (HDS) Family
The latest addition to Leicas Geosystems popular Leica CloudWorx family is another powerful application designed specifically for the Plant & Process industry.

This new CloudWorx offering enhances and extends the usefulness and value of rich laser scan data for plant design, construction, maintenance & operations. Real world as-built data can now easily be visualized directly in Intergraph SmartPlant Review. This new tool significantly enhances the effectiveness of both the engineering task force and Owner/Operator review process for retrofit projects. The bottom line: smoother and lower risk retrofit construction projects and improved plant operations & maintenance. This new application supplements existing commercial CloudWorx solutions that already allow Intergraph customers take advantage of rich point cloud data directly within PDS, Intergraphs highly popular 3D plant design and engineering application.

Leicas new CloudWorx version is the first commercial point cloud application for SmartPlant Review. As market awareness of the business benefits of existing conditions data capture increases, Intergraph customer reaction continues to be highly positive. Better engineering decision-making and shortened design review cycles are among the benefits for facility owners and engineering firms alike, said Robert Christian, Sr. Business Development Manager, Intergraph.

Leica CloudWorx 1.0 for Intergraph SmartPlant Review takes advantage of Leicas recently released, high-performance Cyclone 5.2 point cloud engine, specifically designed to more efficiently manage very large point cloud data sets. The new application is designed to work effectively with data from versatile time-of-flight (TOF) laser scanners, such as the Leica HDS3000 and HDS2500, and also with data from ultra high-speed phase-based scanners, such as the Leica HDS4500.

Demonstration at SPAR 2005
The new application will be showcased by both Leica Geosystems and by Intergraph in Houston, TX at SPAR 2005, May 23 24, a conference and trade show event for the laser scanning industry. The application was initially pre-viewed at last years SPAR conference with strong, positive customer feedback. Since then, beta testers have continued to provide positive feedback on the utility and robustness of the application.

Pricing and Availability
Leica CloudWorx 1.0 for Intergraph SmartPlant Review is used in conjunction with the Point Cloud Integrator module of the Intergraph SmartPlant Review application. Pricing and ordering information for Leica CloudWorx 1.0 for Intergraph SmartPlant Review is available from Leica Geosystems HDS representatives; pricing and ordering information for SmartPlant Review is available from Intergraph representatives. Both products are currently commercially available.

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