Optech introduces ILRIS-36D to its line of laser scanners

Stuttgart, Germany, October 13, 2004 Optech Incorporated, the global leader in the development and manufacture of laser-based survey instruments, is pleased to announce the addition of the ILRIS-36D to its line of tripod-mounted laser scanners.
The ILRIS-36D builds on the functionality provided by the ILRIS-3D by increasing the scanners field of view to 360 x 360. A modular design and a unique method of data collection ensures that the usability and the accuracy of the system is the best in its class.
The ILRIS-36D brings unprecedented precision and flexibility to laser scanning, said Brent W. Gelhar, Director, Laser Imaging Division for Optech. An integrated design process between the ILRIS-3D and the ILRIS-36D ensures that the scanners are completely interchangeable, upgradeable and complementary.
As a result, the new scanner allows existing customers to add further automation to their current scanning capabilities, without compromising on any of ILRIS-3Ds market-leading features, he added.
The ILRIS-36D will orient the scanner system anywhere within a complete 360 radius. With a dynamic scanning range of 3 m to beyond 1,000 m and a Class 1 laser eyesafety designation in all operating conditions, the ILRIS-36D provides the versatility that ILRIS-3D users have come to expect. ILRIS-36D provides the largest field of view, longest dynamic range, highest resolution and best eyesafety rating in its class.
The ILRIS-36D laser scanner will be available for delivery in January 2005.

About Optech
Optech is the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments. In addition to ILRIS-3D, Optech products and applications include the ALTM airborne laser terrain mapper, the SHOALS-1000T airborne lidar bathymeter, space-based atmospheric monitors and spaceborne landing/docking systems, mine cavity monitoring systems and industrial process control solutions. For details on Optechs products and capabilities, visit our website at www.optech.on.ca.