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Hello and welcome to MAPuser.com. I’m looking forward to contributing and taking part in discussions on this fabulous new portal. I bring to the table almost 15 years of experience in the GIS and geospatial technologies. I’m a writer and contributor to numerous publications and have authored countless pieces on GIS success stories and data related topics.

About the Author

Glenn J Letham

Glenn Letham is co-founder and ManagingEditor, of GISuser.com and LBSzone.com. Having more than 16 years of experience in the GIS industry, Glenn is well known as the founder and publisher of the first popular daily GIS news publication (e-zine). Glenn is Internationally recognized as a leading media analyst for geospatial technologies and is well connected throughout the industry. He has worked as a GIS consultant on numerous projects, authored many articles and publications which can be found in many popular GIS-related industry online and print publications. Glenn holds a B.Sc in Geography from the University of Victoria. Follow Glenn on Twitter Contact Glenn