The Mapper project for Symbian UIQ smartphones

Psi-Mapper (or just ‘Mapper’) is a project for Psion palmtops and Symbian smartphones. The Psion version has been on hold since 1999, but there’s now a new version for Symbian UIQ smartphones like the Sony Ericsson P800. Author Steve Litchfield provide us with the low-down,

What is it?

Mapper is a Geographical Information System (GIS), with basic maps and systems of overlays which can be browsed around and searched. Importantly for use on a handheld, the use of vector overlays throughout (hardly a bitmap in sight) means that it’s extremely frugal with your precious memory and disk space. A typical installation would be only a few hundred kilobytes, with a similar amount needed for the running program in RAM.

What about other countries?

The Psion version is available for several countries (and languages), with hard-won data sets produced by myself and a couple of other enthusiasts. The Symbian UIQ version is a new venture. In theory, it’s quite possible to open the application out in the same way as the Psion one, but this will depend on the support I get in terms of registrations and practical help with digitising.

Is it freeware or shareware?

Mapper has variously been both at different stages of development. The Psion version went freeware a long time ago, as I felt I’d been rewarded sufficiently for my efforts and I wanted to give something back to the EPOC community.

The new UIQ version has been quite a lot of work (well over a man week of work) to produce and is currently (fully working) shareware. See my registration page for ways to register.

What can Mapper do?

With the appropriate country broken down onto a 1000 by 1000 grid (in the UK’s case, this is simply the National Grid), up to 1000 towns and all motorways and primary routes, dozens of overlays of interest, you can draw a map with any centre, add in roads or railways or county boundaries, overlay points of interest, perform distance calculations, search for specific information, and much, much more…

What can Mapper not do?

It can’t perform automatic route finding or voice navigation, in the manner of the excellent TomTom products for all handheld computing platforms. Mapper isn’t meant to compete with the likes of CityMaps or Navigator. Mapper is a GIS, implying huge amounts of geographical information, presented efficiently and quickly.

Mapper/GB for Symbian UIQ (e.g. the P800 and P900 smartphones)

Version 7.0 is available here as (200k). Once grabbed and unzipped, please read my README.TXT file to help you install the program and to guide you through other issues.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll also need to install the OPL Runtime patch, which gives your smartphone the ability to run games and applications written in the OPL language.

Please get feedback and reports of any bugs to me as soon as possible. Remember, this is early days for the UIQ version and there’s some functionality not yet ported from the Psion app. Comments and suggestions concerning the data sets would also be welcome.

Do you want to register Mapper/GB for UIQ now?

Psi-Mapper/GB v6.2 for Psion Revo/Series 5/5mx, etc.

v6.2 is available here as (~309k), and unzips to a standard .SIS install file.

If, after the dozens of overlays included in the main program, you’re desperate for yet more, here are a few extra bits and pieces. All unzipped files should simply be put into an SystemAppsMapperGB folder and the overlay names and descriptions added as appropriate to your Overlays.idx index file.

Psi-Mapper/GB v6.0 for Psion 3a/c/mx

To download v6.0, right-click here ( (356k) and choose "Save as" or similar.

Mapper-Si/GB v1.1 for Psion Siena

Here it is: (83k), released 17th October 1996.

Psi-Mapper/London 3.1 for Psion Series 5/5mx

Here is v3.1, available as (126k).

Covering 900 places across the capital, with road data down to B road level (and below, in some places), with all the usual Psi-Mapper distancing functions.

Psi-Mapper/London v2.2 for Psion 3a/c/mx

Download the last version here as (126k)

Based upon the Ordnance Survey map with permission of The Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, (C) Crown Copyright MC 0055.

Psi-Mapper/Ireland v2.2 for Series 5/5mx

Freeware. Download it here as (98k)

Psi-Mapper/Ireland v2.0 for Series 3a/3c/3mx

The full distribution of Psi-Mapper/Ireland v2.0 is now available (112k).

Psi-Mapper/France for Series 3a/3c/3mx

For an english version of this bit, page down!

Le 21 avril 1997. Si vous avez une Psion Serie 3a ou 3c, v1.1 de Psi-Mapper/France est disponible ici (100k).

Prire de dzipper avec l’option "Include folders/directories" pour obtenir la structure des rpertoires APP, DAT et OPO en vue d’une copie directe de l’arborescence sur votre PSION.

Il y a aussi un ‘Plus-Pack’ (57k) avec de tas de bases de donns d’information et plus de calques.

English version of the above

Please don’t be put off by the fact that the program is in french, you really don’t need many words to be able to use it, especially if you’ve used the GB or Irish versions previously. Adding to your school french will serve you in good stead when actually visiting France!

April 21st 1997. For the Psion Series 3a and 3c, v1.1 of Psi-Mapper/France is available here (100k).

Please unzip the ZIP file with the "Include folders/directories" option turned ON, to obtain a directory structure with APP, DAT et OPO directories visible. Each directory can then be copied straight onto the root directory of a Psion disk.

There’s also a Plus-Pack (57k) of extra databases and an extra overlay.

Other countries

There’s also a version for Australia at

About the Author:

Steve is based in the UK and runs a popular webportal called 3LIB ( The site is for the Psion freeware and shareware library, with articles and information for all Psion and Symbian palmtops, smartphones and communicators, plus homegrown downloads, buying advice and recommendations. Technologies covered include SIBO (Series 3), EPOC (Series 5/Revo/Series 7, etc), GPRS, HTML, OPL, UIQ, Series 80 and Series 60. Manufacturers covered include Psion, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

Thanks to Steve for this interesting contribution!

Entire article Copyright Steve Litchfield, UK, 2004