NOAA Satellite Services Division Serving up data

The Satellite Services Division of the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) provides real time access to satellite data and products for the public and government.

At this web site you will find information and links to SSD products and services in support of the NOAA mission to provide support to the public in the form of satellite imagery and derived satellite products.

The Satellite Services Division serves as the primary interface with the user community of environmental satellite data and products. The Division provides data, analyses, and interpretations from polar orbiting and geostationary satellites. These satellite products are distributed to a diverse user community for a broad range of environmental applications. The Division maintains an operational satellite data distribution network providing user access to real-time or near real-time environmental data and information.

Geostationary Satellite Server – Realtime geostationary satellite imagery from NOAA’s geostationary satellite and other international geostationary satellites

Operational Significant Events Imagery (OSEI) Service – Special colorized and enhanced GOES and POES imagery of significant weather or hazard events provided daily to the public in convenient image formats

Imaging products include a Geostationary Satellite Server for the following regions:
Tropical Atlantic/Pacific
Severe Storm Sectors
INDOEX (Indian Ocean)
METEOSAT (Europe & Africa)
GOES-9 (Western Pacific)

An FTP server is maintained to serve up Near Real Time Spatial Data Products for Geographical Information Systems

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