Mapping Pests at PSU

Field Crop Insect Prediction Maps – Realtime prediction maps of key pests & growing degree days. PSU’s field crop information system tracks several pests in real-time.

Other information also available from this resource includes a calendar of insect activities, a new weed emergence prediction tool, a calendar of scouting activities, economic thresholds, degree-day requirements, scouting procedures, management tactics, pest sheets and much more.

European Corn Borer Early Warning System & Growing Degree Days

This website provides a map of the predicted lead European corn borer life stage for all locations in Pennsylvania. The intent of this information is to help pest management specialists and consultants anticipate key life stages to put out pheromone and blacklight traps and scout for the pest.

Alfalfa Weevil Life Stage Predictions & Growing Degree Days

This map provides information on the most advanced life stage that is predicted for a given geographic location in the state. The model predicts when at least 50% of the population should have attained this stage of development.

Western Corn Rootworm Life Stages

This site provides information on the life stages of western corn rootworm predicted for a given geographic location. These maps show when at least 5% of the population has entered the most advanced life stage.

The Pennsylvania IPM Program is a collaboration between The Pennsylvania State University and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture aimed at promoting Integrated Pest Management in both agricultural and nonagricultural situations.


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