Leica Announces CloudWorx 3.0 for Handling Large Laser Scan Data Sets within CAD

Convenient Use of HDS4500 Phase Scanner Data in CAD

San Ramon, CA, May 20, 2004; SPAR 04 Conference, Houston, TX Following Leica Geosystems launch of CycloneTM 5.0 software in late 2003, the company today announced its companion CloudWorxTM 3.0 application. Just as Cyclone 5.0 software enabled the efficient use of very large laser scan data sets in the companys specialized Cyclone application, CloudWorx 3.0 brings the same large point cloud capability directly inside compatible CAD applications. The company further announced that the first public demonstration of this powerful new capability will be at Bentleys upcoming BE Conference, May 23-27 in Orlando, FL. Leica Geosystems HDS, Inc. and Bentley are strategic partners, with Bentley distributing Bentley CloudWorx on an exclusive, worldwide basis.

The companys laser scanning (also known as High-Definition SurveyingTM or HDSTM) products are used for conducting as-built, engineering, and detail geometric surveys within the AEC markets.

CloudWorx 3.0 Unleashes the Power of HDS4500 Phase-Based Scanning within CAD
One of the main benefits of CloudWorx 3.0 will be for Leica and Bentley users who are eager to use the output from Leicas new HDS4500 laser scanner directly within MicroStation or AutoCAD-based applications. The HDS4500 is an ultra-high speed, phase-based laser scanner that inherently generates very large data sets in just minutes; data sets of >100 million points from multiple scans or even a single scan are not uncommon. Likewise, Leica Geosystems new long-range, time-of-flight HDS3000 scanner is also capable of generating these types of large data sets, thanks to its maximum 360×270 field-of-view, high-density scanning, and true-color overlay features. By working with laser scan data directly within familiar CAD applications, users have a sharply reduced learning curve and can use their CAD applications rich tool set. Unlike other point cloud software, with CloudWorx 3.0 there is no need to first convert the scan data into an intermediate model for direct use in CAD. Likewise, by enabling the user to work directly with point cloud data instead of an intermediate model, the full accuracy of the raw data is preserved.

CloudWorx 3.0 will also enable CAD users to efficiently navigate through large point clouds thanks to two (2) new features: spatial indexing of point cloud data and the management of multiple limit boxes to hide unwanted data.

The latest version of CloudWorx – version 3.0 reflects Leicas continued leadership in developing point cloud management tools that integrate with a wide array of Bentleys plant, civil, and building applications. The fact that this new version of CloudWorx will enable our users to take full advantage of Leicas recent and highly successful scanner introductions means that we are keeping our users on the leading edge of this exciting technology. This reinforces our decision to partner with Leica for laser scanning technology – or High-Definition Surveying – as its now called, states Greg Bentley, CEO.

Beta versions of CloudWorx 3.0 will first be publicly demonstrated at Bentleys BE Conference, May 23-27, with release planned for mid-June. Pricing information for Bentley CloudWorx will be available through Bentley Systems; pricing for CloudWorx for AutoCAD will be available from Leica Geosystems HDS, Inc. (formerly Cyra Technologies, Inc.)

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Leica Geosystems HDS Inc. (formerly Cyra Technologies Inc.), http://hds.leica-geosystems.com or www.cyra.com, is based in San Ramon, California. The company specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of High-Definition Surveying (also known as 3D laser scanning) systems and software. These products are used for performing as-built, detail, engineering, and topographic surveys for a variety of 2D & 3D mapping and modeling applications in the AEC and other markets. The company was founded in 1993, was acquired in 2001 by Leica Geosystems AG, and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary. The company is a leading hardware and software vendor in this emerging market.

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