ADL – 5.9 million geographic names

The ADL Project has created a list of all of the names, both primary and alternative names, from its ADL Gazetteer and is making it available for download and local use within the limits of our copyright statement. We anticipate that the list will be useful for geoparsing applications where geographic names need to be identified in natural language text. Each entry in the list, one line per entry, consists of (1) the ADL Gazetteer Identifier for the entry associated with the name; (2) the name; (3) the date of entry into the database.The ADL Gazetteer Identifier for particular entries can be used with the Gazetteer Service Protocol to retrieve standard reports for the entry. The size of the compressed file is 55.1 Mbytes; uncompressed it is approximately 263.7 Mbytes.

Download Here (FTP)

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