askTheSpider – The Catalog for OGC web services

Something I was introduced to this week at GITA 27 that falls under the category of" cool" was a service called Ask The Spider. is the brand new service offered by IONIC Software to empower geographic information discovery and interoperability. This service will soon be part of your life and seamlessly link all the actors of the geo-Internet together. You may search for OpenGIS conformant spatial web services such as WMS and WFS. Search can be done by geographic zone, by type of service, ISO data content category, keywords and owner name. You are invited to register your own OpenGIS conformant Service today and join the network. It will allow you and others to find and bind from their spatial applications.

Search for a place, view a map, view or create meta data, its very sweet. The functionality of INOIC products like the GeoViewer and the Metadata Manager.