Product Spotlight… Smallworld 4

Scalable, Extensible, and Open… you may have seen some information or ads floating around that refer you to the latest offering from GE.

The developer of Smallworld 4, GE, boasts a focus on the business process and an industry standard look and feel. Complementing this is the ability to reuse components in an effort to reduce development costs. Additionally, the Smallworld Field 4 application provides convenient access to accurate data in the field, improved productivity and enhanced operational safety.

Some of the tools offered include:

  • Improved productivity through faster keyboard interaction
  • Faster learning for new users and quicker adoption of new applications
  • Single-click access to key features
  • More efficient use of screen space
  • Simple configuration of specific user tasks
  • Development tools for building standard interfaces
  • Simplified plotting including plot series and PDF generation
  • User-focused ad hoc querying including wizards for occasional users
  • Ability to export data to other applications
  • Locally extensible, industry-standard HTML help

Smallworld Spatial Object Manager Plug-ins
These plug-ins provide access to data in a variety of formats including DXF, DGN, DWG, Shapefile and MrSID formats. The latest additions to our range of plug-ins include:
ECW from Earth Resource Mapping: A high-compression format for raster data
A wide range of image formats, including TIFF, PNG, JPEG, PCX, BMP and WMF
Web Map Server (WMS) format for interpreting data served over the Internet

Emphaisizing the mobile workforce, Smallworld 4 has been designed for remote access, providing the benefits of Smallworld technology to the workforce in the field.

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