Journal of Maps: a new multi-disciplinary, international journal

Journal of Maps Online… School of Earth Sciences and Geography, Kingston University

has announced a "call for papers" for the newly created Journal of Maps (JoM). The establishment of JoM has come out of the realisation that academic map publication is in gradual decline. JoM will provide a channel for researchers to publish map based material not normally accepted by traditional journals that can then be referred to and viewed by others.

JoM has been established as a UK charity, aiming to publish original, bespoke, maps from any discipline. The editorial panel has been specifically put together to provide a broad range of knowledge, expertise and experience. As a journal, we suspect that initial emphasis will be upon traditional geo-subjects, however other subject areas will be strongly encouraged to submit original work.

JoM is an entirely electronic, online journal. All published material will be given away freely and therefore JoM has opted to follow a reverse publishing model. The author will pay a nominal fee to cover the review and distribution process. The journal’s website ( will provide a fully searchable front-end to JoM’s published materials. We accept that not everyone will want to view maps electronically and therefore all materials will be of press publishable quality.

In order to use the online facilities of JoM, a user needs to register. Basic registration allows access to published materials; personal details need to be provided in order to submit a map for publication. The principal author will need to supply a press-quality map and a short article ready for review. The article should describe the data presented in the map and any pertinent techniques used during the collection/mapping process. We will not accept long articles incorporating data analysis and interpretation, as these would be better published in traditional subject-based journals.


The site officially launches on May 4, 2004