Wisconsin DRN launches new State lands/mapping resource

Gov. Jim Doyle unveiled the new state service Saturday March 13 while speaking at the annual convention of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association in Stevens Point, WI.

About the data… This data set represents the boundaries of lands managed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The Wisconsin DNR manages these lands through ownership, easement or lease rights. This data set is a spatial representation of the Oracle Land Records System maintained by the DNR, Bureau of Facilities and Lands (LF), and may include errors and/or omissions. Updates to this data set are ongoing, and will be incorporated into future versions when administratively feasible and practicable.

As a bonus to you GIS data hounds… The "extract" tool allows you to locatean area of interest, and then download a ESRI Shapefile for that area.

The DNR managed lands site is located at http://www.dnr.wi.gov/org/land/facilities/dnr_lands_mapping.html