Conservation GIS Training

The Smithsonian Conservation and Research Center is offering the following advanced GIS and remote sensing course: Measuring Landcover Change and its Impact on Endangered Species.The course date is April 19-23, 2004

This one-week advanced GIS and remote sensing course provides conservationists with an opportunity to learn how GIS and remote sensing can be used to assess the conservation status of endangered species. Each participant will be provided with their own desktop computer for all lab exercises. During the hands-on exercises participants will use the Internet, ArcView, ArcView Spatial Analyst, ERDAS Imagine, Fragstats, and other spatial analysis programs. Instructors will lead participants step-by-step through the process of:

  • conduct a regional conservation assessment using GIS to determine critical conservation areas for an endangered species
  • acquiring multi-date satellite imagery to quantify land cover change and to map the extent of the remaining habitat
  • using landscape analysis to determine optimal landscape configurations for conserving the endangered species.

Visit this web address for more details and registration information.