GISuser Guide to downloading Free USGS 1:100K DLGs

Digital Line Graphs (DLGs) are digital vector representations of cartographic information derived from USGS maps and related sources. Intermediate-scale DLG’s are derived from USGS 1:100,000-scale 30- by 60- minute quadrangle maps. If these maps are not available, Bureau of Land Management planimetric maps at 1:100,000 scale are used, followed by archival compilation materials. Depending on scale, the following layers may be available:

  • Public Land Survey System (PLSS) – Township, range, and section lines
  • Boundaries – State, county, city, and other national and State lands such as forests and parks
  • Transportation – Roads and trails, railroads, pipelines and transmission lines
  • Hydrography – Flowing water, standing water, and wetlands
  • Hypsography – Contours and supplementary spot elevations
  • Non-vegetative features – Glacial moraine, lava, sand, and gravel
  • Survey control and markers – Horizontal and vertical monuments (third order or better)
  • Manmade features – Cultural features, such as building, not collected in other data categories
  • Vegetative surface cover

1:100,000-scale DLGs are derived from USGS 30- by 60-minute quadrangle maps and are referenced to either NAD27 or NAD83.

To access and download 1:100K USGS DLG data, please select a State on the map below.

Note: The image used to create this map was provided by the USGS