Next Generation of Internet Search Engines Enhanced for Location-Based Search

Toronto, ON – NAC Geographic Products (NACGEO) and Metamendhave announced that the two companies have reached an agreement in an Internet search engine service. According to the agreement, Metamend is to optimize the meta tags and add a new meta tag to every web page of its clients and submit them to the database of NACGEO’s Mobile Location Based Services Network (MLBS.NET). The new meta tag called NAC (Natural Area Code) tag (e.g. ) adds a new layer of power – location as a search variable that will enable Internet search engines to make accurate location based searches. A NAC tag will specify the exact location of a business anywhere in the world to a resolution of 30 meters for an eight character NAC and one meter for a ten character NAC. An eight or ten character NAC is also called a Universal Address because it can unique specify every building, house or other fixed object in the world. Universal Addresses can be directly measured and navigated by GPS receivers, and pinpointed on all maps with Universal Map Grids. The short high resolution Universal Addresses can be included on yellow pages, travel directories and business cards. The NAC tag not only makes location based searches possible, but also turns a keyword matching search into an accurate location based search. This greatly simplifies and speeds any location based search, compared with the algorithm that computes and compares distances.

Metamend specializes in the development and implementation of search engine optimization technology and services. The company is regarded as the world’s technology leader within the search engine optimization (SEO) field. The company’s proprietary technology is capable of automatically reading and contextually analyzing a web page, and using that information combined with real world language usage and search pattern algorithms, to ensure that every web page gets properly placed and found within search engines.

NACGEO is a worldwide geo-tech leader, with a variety of products and services. One of them is MLBS.NET that introduces a revolution in geolocational search engine technologies. Due to numerous variations and language dependency, conventional addresses have become a huge obstacle for an Internet search engine to provide location based searches for the entire world. This problem has resulted in the major Internet search engines reliance on keywords within content for locational searches. Powered by NAC Technology, MLBS.NET provides a universal interface for any user around the world to perform an accurate location based search with ease.

Significant advantages in using NAC to specify locations and areas are: avoiding difficulties in inputting addresses with foreign characters, overcoming confusions in the definitions of addresses used in different countries, reducing more than 80% of input characters, eliminating errors from address databases, and extending searches to all locations and areas no matter whether there are conventional addresses or not.

MLBS.NET presently deploys a wireless search service to the subscribers of Airtel, AT&T Wireless, Celcom, M1, Maxis, Motorola, O2, Orange, Telstra, Vodafone, etc. To date, MLBS.NET has depended entirely on the data from Microsoft MapPoint Web Service, but this agreement will permit for more precise location specific search results based on the data submitted by Metamend. NACGEO and Metamend have combined two extremely powerful, independent technologies to deliver the most relevant search results based on proximity.

Accurate location based searches are extremely important on the mobile Internet. People cannot afford to run a search and then walk two blocks out of their way, only to find out that the result did not match what they were looking for. When a wireless search engine directs someone to the wrong location, it’s far worse than a traditional search engine giving an erroneous result. When you are at your desk, you only need to click back to move on, in the real world you have wasted time, and possibly money transporting yourself to the wrong location. Relevant and accurate results are more important than ever; the combination of our two technologies ensures users find the most relevant result closest to their location – eliminating the worry of "making the wrong turn."

According to NACGEO’s President, Dr. Xinhang Shen, the NAC Meta Tag will be a boon to all search engines in reading, indexing and properly classifying websites. "We are very impressed with Metamend’s Search Engine Optimization technology and submission service," stated Dr. Shen, "We have decided to integrate it with our search engine service. Their technology has demonstrated a consistent quality control procedure which ensures that Metamend optimized websites are very accurate and readable by our robots, before they are submitted to our search engine."

Metamend CEO, Richard Zwicky, pleased with this latest opportunity, and the first meaningful deal for any search engine optimization firm in the geo location search space, added the following. "This alliance with NAC Geographic Products Inc., a clear technology leader in the GIS field, means that together we are helping make it possible for people to get where they need to more quickly, and efficiently than was previously possible." Separately, Zwicky noted that, "One of the primary goals of Metamend has always been to help businesses get found faster and more efficiently. The introduction of NAC tag has represented the beginning of the next generation of websites and Internet search engines. I strongly believe that major search engines like Google will soon adopt this technology in order to keep their Internet dominance," continued Zwicky. "Our SEO technology and NACGEO’s NAC tag will significantly enhance a search engine’s ability to index documents relevantly and help both search engines and websites perform more efficiently to attain proper placement within search results, based entirely on relevance. Metamend is an ally to search engines; we are both working to make the Internet more useable and relevant."


Founded in 1995, NAC Geographic Products Inc. is a world’s leading technology company based in Toronto, Canada. The Natural Area Coding System, the Universal Address System, the Global Postal Code System, the Universal Map Grid System and the Universal Property Identifier System of the company are leading the world to a new era for using accurate locations in all human activities. The company also develops and provides software products such as WEBGIS, web services such as NAC Geocoding and Mapping Services, and wireless location based services such as MLBS.NET.

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