Elevation Data for Fire Areas

Elevation data for this summer’s (2003) fire areas can be downloaded without cost from this web site. The data extent in each file includes the fire area plus a small buffer. The tar files include the digital elevation data in the form of a floating point raster, the spatial metadata provided as both an ARC/INFO export file and a shape file, and a README.

These data were made using the same methods as were standard National Elevation Dataset (NED). See gisdata.usgs.gov/ned. They are in a geographic projection, NAD83 Horizontal Datum, NAVD88 Vertical Datum, and vertical units of meters, Standard NED is currently made at a cell size of one arc-second, or approximately 30 meters. These higher-resolution NED data were made at a finer resolution of 1/3 arc-second to best reflect the 10-meter resolution digital elevation model source data that exists for much of the fire areas. For a great article on NED data see this piece in PE&RS